Jonathan J Prinz began his professional life as a rabbi serving, along with his father, the country’s largest independent synagogue.  During that time, he was active in the civil rights movement and was among the founders of the first Community Action Anti-Poverty program funded by the Equal Opportunity Act.

After leaving the active rabbinate, and a brief period in politics, he spent nearly a decade on Wall Street where he was the communications officer for the firm led by the legendary Sanford I Weill.  He then embarked upon a three decade career in Corporate and Brand identity serving blue chip clients.  He was President and a principal of a firm that became part of the Omnicom Group and since 1995 has had his own consultancy practice, TransformationBranding.

Beyond identity consulting, his time is primarily devoted to writing including his blog: Beyond All That focusing on current affairs, religion and politics.  He is also written a book, Transcenders: Living beyond religion and the religion wars.

After many years in New York City, he now lives and works in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  He has two grown sons.





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